Legal obligation to inform

kvk interass & kvk insurance agree to respect the standards of conduct for intermediaries.
In its advisory role, kvk interass & kvk insurance continually work on the basis of an unbiased analysis. In other words, our analysis is based on an adequate number of insurance solutions available on the insurance market that fulfil your requirements and needs.

We request that you confirm precisely and in advance to have informed us of all known circumstances and requirements which must be considered, within reason, to be data which influence the formulation of an optimal solution for you.

You acknowledge that these data correspond to the analysis of your requirements and needs and that you were informed of the scope and limitations of the insurance product that you have selected.

Please initially address all of your questions and problems to kvk interass, Amerikalei 137 in 2000 Antwerp or send an e-mail to
The register of insurance intermediaries with which we work is maintained by FSMA (Congresstraat 12-14, 1000 Brussels) and can be found at